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The Overkill is a playful event focused on the digital gaming and film culture. The festival shows connections between medias such as game, art, movies and music and their influence on today’s society. During an intense weekend we invite people to take a deeper look at what we believe is one of the foundation of our society, playing!
The Overkill is an open platform, a flexible space for creative minds to meet and a special time to share thoughts and experiences. With our partners we are bringing together artists, developers, entrepreneurs, students and players to explore the edges of the gaming culture.
Multidisciplinary organisation, The Overkill is trying to look at different medias and in different directions, combining the ideas of expert with the ones of users, the experience of artists and curators to the innovative eye of youngsters. Not afraid to be disturbed we want to encourage cross overs.
The festival regroups an art exhibition, a selection of indie games and an alternative movie program. Also presented at the festival, the most relevant game consoles from Retro to VR showcasing original, weird and classic games or projects. In an original setting, designed by artists, the festival presents an overkill of medias, mostly interactive and often immersive. Taking over the location the festival is an immersive experience in itself.
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